Greenmont Loves working with brands that share our values. We think it is important to promote reduce, reuse, recycle. Here, at Greenmont, we have looked to work with brands that believe in this too. All our products have different elements that are positive for our environment. Have a look at the #GreenmontLoves section in the product description to find out more.


Nearly all Greenmont packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, we are trying not to use any new materials in the making of our packaging. All of our packaging can be 100% recycled! Our recyclable mailers have a second adhesive strip so that the mailer can be used again and have another lease of life before it can be fully recycled. #greenmontloves this! 

We are trying to make the world a little greener with our durable, everyday product range. We would love to see products bought from Greenmont passed down to siblings, friends or family and be reused as much as possible. Another option is charitable donation. We are looking to work directly with some children’s charities in Hong Kong, so that items with life still left in them can be passed on for another child to enjoy. Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates on this and other exciting news updates.